NJB Summerlin is a chapter of National Junior Basketball that serves grades 1 and 2 for both boys and girls, and grades 3 through 8 for boys.

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Forum Rules - Please Read This First
Forum: General Discussion
Subject: Forum Rules - Please Read This First
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Welcome to the Summerlin NJB Public Forum!

We hope this will help anyone with questions or comments about the league. We always strive to make the league better each year for our players and their parents.

In the spirit of positivity and good sportsmanship, we please ask everyone to follow these simple rules while posting a question or comment:

1. Please be positive
2. No foul language
3. Please don't criticize or fight
4. Please add constructive questions and comments to better the league

We hope everyone will follow these simple rules to make this a great forum. If you wish to make a private question or comment, please email: NJBHAIR@HOTMAIL.COM  
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